This is the McDonald’s favorite returning to the menu after a four-year absence

McDonald’s bringing back Hi-C drink (Copyright 2020 by CNN Newsource - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – McDonald’s fans are rejoicing over the return of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst after it was pulled off the menu in 2017.

The fast-food giant brought back the famed drink after reading “countless DMs, petitions and customer feedback.”

According to their Twitter, the tweet announcing the drink contained a screenshot of an email apparently from the Vice President of Marketing, with the quote “We did it!”

Hi-C was removed from all restaurants in 2017 to make room for a new Sprite flavor, which sparked some outrage from those who grew up with the drink in the 90s, TODAY reported.

Fans can keep track of the drink’s arrival on the McDonald’s website by inputting their zip code.

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will return to select McDonalds restaurants starting this week, and will be available nationwide this upcoming summer.

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