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Welcome to Texas (KPRC2 /Canva)

Almost no one identifies with their state the way us Texans do.

Texans’ love for Texas runs deep, like really deep, unfathomably deep – deeper than the horror-inducing depths of Jacob’s Well, the rich, baritone voice of Waylon Jennings, or a basket of bottomless tortilla chips at a hole-in-the-wall Tex-Mex restaurant. You get the idea.

But what exactly makes Texas Texas and what makes a Texan a Texan? These questions are impossible to answer. Our state is simply too vast, too varied. No definition could do us justice. But, you know it when you see it, as the old adage goes. With that in mind, we’re assembling a photographic capsule of sorts: A patchwork album of images that show what it is to be a Texan.

So, Texans, SHOW US you’re a Texan without telling us you’re a Texan – Bluebonnets, cowboy boots, breakfast tacos, whatever it is that screams Texas to you.

Submit your most Texas snaps in the form below. I’ll start. For a look at the most Texas version of myself, scan the gallery for an oh-so-obsessed Bucee’s fan.

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