This is where can you get natural wine in Texas

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Wall of wine bottles (

HOUSTON – Natural wine is becoming popular in recent months, especially here in Texas.

According to Texas Highways Magazine and RAW WINE, natural wine is made organically without removing anything from the barrel or cellar. Most wines have additives or processed ingredients that makes it taste the way we’re used to, natural wines do not add any of them.

In wineries, to classify as “organic-made,” herbicides and pesticides are never used, the USDA said.

The fermentation process in natural wines is quicker, using yeast to jump-start the process, wrote Texas Highways, resulting in a simple, unadulterated wine.

Craving for natural wine, or just curious? These wineries in Texas make their own natural wine:

La Cruz de Comal Wineries

Address: 7405 FM 2722, New Braunfels

Southold Farm + Cellar

Address: 330 Minor Threat Lane, Fredericksburg

Robert Clay Vineyards

Address: 113 Austin Street, Mason

These wine stores below also sell natural wine in the Houston-area:

Light Years

Address: 1304 West Alabama, Houston

The Heights Grocer

Address: 4525 N Main St., Houston

What’s your favorite natural wine? Leave the name in the comments.

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