Did you know you can regrow some veggies in your very own kitchen?

Two days after putting the ends of the green onions in water. (Jack Roskopp)

Earlier this fall, I was helping my friend pick some of the veggies she grew in her at-home garden (while socially distanced, of course), and I noticed in her windowsill that there were green onions in a cup of water, just hanging out.

I asked what was going on there, especially since she had green onions already growing in her garden.

Much to my surprise, she told me I could take the rooty end of a green onion, place it in a cup of water and watch it regrow without even being in dirt.

I was a little skeptical at first, but I knew I had to try it once I got home. After using some green onion as garnish for a recipe, I saved the ends of the veggie and placed them within a shallow cup filled with water in my windowsill -- and then I waited.

It turns out that my friend was right, and after a few days, the little green onions started to grow back.

After about two weeks, it looked like they were ready to be used again in a recipe.

Here are a few photos of my green onion’s journey.

Two days after putting the ends of the green onions in water. (Jack Roskopp)
The onions are starting to grow. (Jack Roskopp)
This was about a week and a half into the growing process. They are starting to look like actual green onions. (Jack Roskopp)
Two weeks later we have green onions that are ready for any recipe. (Jack Roskopp)

If you’re an avid gardener, then you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, duh!” But as someone who has never done a minute of gardening in his life, this came as a total and complete shock. It was even more shocking when I found out that green onions weren’t the only thing you could regrow.

Lettuce, celery, avocados, pineapples and even potatoes can all be regrown in your home after using them once.

Some are a little bit more difficult to grow than others, but it makes you wonder why you’re constantly going to the grocery store to buy fresh produce when you can just grow some of your own at home, right?

It’s probably easier to just plant all of these delicious fruits and veggies in a garden outside, but if you don’t have the land for a garden and still want to grow your own produce, doing it inside is a pretty good option, too.

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