Win Halloween with this contactless candy slide

Here’s how to make one

Candy Slide
Candy Slide (Wicked Makers)

Amid the pandemic, Halloween is bound to look a little different this year. Parents and children are flexing their creative muscles while they prep for a Halloween where face masks take on an entirely new meaning.

Wicked Makers, two DIY-savvy YouTubers, designed a killer candy slide perfect for socially-distanced trick-or-treating. Watch their video below for directions on how to make your own candy slide.


  • 3″ dia PVC pipe (7′)
  • 1″ dia PVC pipe (22′)
  • 1″ 90 degree elbow (8x)
  • 1″ tee (14x)
  • 1″ 3-way elbow (4x)
  • Hot Glue



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