Ask 2: How did Cut and Shoot, Texas get its name?

Cut and Shoot, Texas
Cut and Shoot, Texas (Google Maps)

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The question: How did Cut and Shoot, Texas get its name?

Located forty miles north of Houston, just outside Conroe, sits a tiny Texas town sporting one of the most Texan names of all-time: Cut and Shoot, Texas.

Apparently, Cut and Shoot is named after a disagreement among residents back in 1912. According to the Texas State Historical Association, the reason for the confrontation differs depending on who you ask. The dispute was either over conflicting land claims among church members, the design of a new steeple for the town's only church or the issue of who should be allowed to preach there.During the tense dispute, a small boy at the scene reportedly yelled "I'm going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!"

For whatever reason, the boy’s words stuck and residents later adopted them as the town’s name. Naming a town, even unintentionally, is quite an achievement. Kudos to the kiddo who neutralized a confrontation and named a town in one fell swoop.

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