PHOTOS: 10 amazing reactions to a truly terrifying Houston-area haunted house

(Kody Melton, Courtesy 13th Floor Houston)

HOUSTON – Houston's 13th Floor Haunted House has shared its best scare photos with KPRC 2 from its 2019 attraction.

The haunted house is located at 7075 FM 1960 Road West Suite 20. Go here for ticket information.


Here are some of our favorite reactions:

This couple seems to say, "Astros forever, and we're really surprised/scared."

"Stay behind me. I'll scream loud enough for both of us."

This scare looks really painful.

It's important to hold hands through the really scary parts of life.

The gal on the left is all of us.

The fearless leader just lost her "fearless" title.

"There's something behind me. I know it. THERE'S SOMETHING BEHIND ME!"

This set of three photos...IS. EVERYTHING.

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