God or god? LeAnn Rimes' new tattoo raising religious question


HOUSTON – Country music star LeAnn Rimes is the subject of hot debate over her new tattoo, the phrase “god’s work” in lowercase script on her forearm.

Her tattoo artist, Daniel Winter, shared a photo of the design on Instagram.



Rimes, who sang hits like "One Way Ticket" and "Blue," shared a photo of the moment she got the tattoo on her own Instagram account.

“Thank you … for my beautiful new ink!” she wrote, shouting out to Winter.



TODAY reported many fans loved the design, but others criticized it — not for its religious message, but because she didn’t capitalize the "G" in "god."

“It’s God. Not god. FYI,” one person commented on her Instagram post.

Merriam-Webster dictionary notes that ‘God’ is capitalized when it’s referring specifically to a ‘supreme’ being or creator. It’s not capitalized when referring to a type of god, like ‘a Greek god.’



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