Program honors Josue Flores, aims to keep students safe while walking to, from school

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HOUSTON – Members of Safe Walk Home, police and local leaders welcomed students back at Marshall Middle School Monday.

Stella Mireles-Walters began Safe Walk Home four years ago after the death of Josue Flores in Houston’s north side. Josue was walking home from Marshall Middle School.

“(Students) shouldn’t have to fight crime in order to come to school to learn and to take that step into the future,” said Mireles-Walters. “We need to pay special attention to communities (and) neighborhoods where the students are at risk when they’re walking to school."

New Principal Queinnise Miller knows how important the help from the community is.

“(Students) shouldn’t just be safe when they come into this building," said Miller. "They should also be able to be safe and know that someone’s there watching and protecting them when they leave our building."

Mother Nancy Bautista said it makes her feel comfortable and her son feel safe.

“It is concerning," Bautista said. "It is concerning, but you can’t live in fear and you do the best you can and with the help of your family members, friends and the community, as well."

Safe Walk Home wants to see HISD enact a bus shuttle for students who live within a 2-mile radius of Marshall Middle School.

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