Papa John's has Jack-o-Lantern pizzas for Halloween and they're so cute

Never has a pumpkin tasted so good

Papa John's.
Papa John's.

Your Halloween just got a whole lot cheesier. 

One of our favorite pizza chains, Papa John's, is really getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Instead of serving up a boring circle-shaped pizza, they are selling pizzas that are shaped like a sure sign of Halloween: a Jack-o-Lantern. 

This pizza is a large thin-crust that is shaped like a jolly old pumpkin, complete with a pepperoni smiley face that is more cute than spooky. You can't forget those little olives for the eyes, too. 

The giant pie is going for $11 and is only available until Halloween. You better make like the Sanderson Sisters and get yourself a pizza real quick. 

You and your ghoulfriends will have a spooktacular time! 


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