Investigation reveals spirits may haunt Spanish Governor's Palace

A Haunting in South Texas

SAN ANTONIO – Downtown San Antonio is full of ghost stories and some even surround the historic Spanish Governor's Palace. 

It is reported from visitors that several ghostly figures have been seen inside and around the building. 

KSAT 12 viewer Paul Elizondo says he and his wife were taking a ghost tour of the building five years ago and caught this photo of what looks like a small child. 

An investigation was done back in August with the San Antonio Paranormal Investigators, and evidence revealed the possibility of ghosts haunting the place.

During several EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions, the K2 meter would respond to questions that were asked and pictures revealed that orbs were floating around. 

It is believed that K2 meters can detect spikes in electromagnetic energy that may signify activity or communication with spirits. 

Investigators believed that on that August night the ghost of a small girl was communicating with us. 

Audio recorders caught what appear to be the giggles of a child. 

Later photos taken inside would catch what looks like the ghostly figure of a woman. 

Whether you believe or not, it appears that the ghost stories about the Spanish Governor's Palace may be true. 

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