‘Scan & Go’ alcohol sales to begin at Houston-area Sam’s Club

Sam Club launches in-app 'Scan & Go' alcohol purchases in Houston. (Sam's Club / Jennifer Haile)

HOUSTON – Last-minute store runs won't be make you late for your holiday gathering, if you're shopping at Sam's Club.

The warehouse store is launching in-app 'Scan & Go' alcohol purchases in Houston. The feature was initially tested last year at the company's mobile-first store, Sam's Club Now in Dallas.

The feature is now available at all locations that sell alcoholic beverages.

This is how it works: Shoppers have to scan their items using the Sam's Club app then have their ID verified before exiting the store. Once cleared by the greeter, the shopper will click 'pay' in the app and be on their way.

To learn more about the ‘Scan & Go’ feature, visit Sam’s Club online.

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