As seen on TV: Lightweight, cordless weed eater put to the test

HOUSTON – Heavy equipment, tangled extension cords and messy fuel canisters can make yard work a difficult, backbreaking chore. The Bionic Trimmer claims to take the hassle out of it.

The trimmer needs no gas. You just plug it in to charge it. When you're ready to trim, unplug the charger and the trimmer is cordless. The Bionic Trimmer uses standard zip ties instead of a string. 

We asked Brian Zuniga of El Campo to test the three claims in the Bionic Trimmer commercial on his 55-acre property near El Campo.  Zuniga usually uses a gas-powered trimmer to cut weeds along his fence line, driveway and around his children's playset. 

Claim 1: The Bionic Trimmer is lighter.

Zuniga could easily tell the difference between his gas trimmer and the Bionic Trimmer. The latter is much lighter. 

Verdict: TRUE

Claim 2: The Bionic Trimmer is quicker.

Zuniga cut swaths of grass first with his gas trimmer and then, with the Bionic Trimmer. He said he couldn't move as quickly through the weeds with the smaller Bionic Trimmer. 

"Not efficient enough time-wise, and (it) didn't cut as short as I'd like," said Zuniga.

Verdict: FALSE 

Claim 3: The Bionic Trimmer is more convenient.

When Zuniga used the Bionic Trimmer on taller weeds, they put the dainty device in a chokehold. The Bionic Trimmer actually stopped working until Zuniga could untangle the weeds from the trimmer's zip ties. This was definitely not convenient.

Verdict: FALSE

We paid $29.88 for the Bionic Trimmer. Zuniga says we paid too much.