As Seen on TV Tuesday: June's Miracle Cloth for any surface - no cleaners needed

HOUSTON – Stainless steel, glass, granite or marble countertops: If you're like many people, you have 10 different cleaners and you go through a lot of paper towels.

June's Miracle Cloth claims you won't need all of those because it can clean almost anything with no chemicals.

In the product commercial, the announcer called it "the amazing three-in-one cloth that cleans, polishes and shines, scratch free, spot free."

On the package, it claims to clean windows, motorcycles, tiles, computer screens, plastics and treated wood, among other things. Right out of the package, we noticed the cloth seem stiffer and not as soft as expected. They are more like a thick paper towel than a cloth.

There are just three steps in the directions:

1) Wet the cloth.
2) Wring it out hard. 
3) Then wipe. 

KPRC2 consumer expert Amy Davis tried the cloth on a stainless steel pan that had some water spots and stains, a stainless steel napkin dispenser and the side mirror and windows of her minivan.

June's Miracle Cloth worked great on the windows, mirror and napkin dispenser. The pan still had several water spots, despite a good two minutes of polishing.

When you are done cleaning, just throw the cloth in the washing machine with detergent (no fabric softener) and then let it air dry. Davis tried this too. The cloth came out as good as new.

We paid $9.59 at Kroger for two of the reusable cloths.