New scam now targeting Rover dog walking app

HOUSTON – Be careful if you use the popular app Rover to find pet sitters and dog walkers.

Some people are receiving inquiries from users who say they are looking for a dog sitter.

But then the scammer asks to continue the transaction or discussion outside the app.

When one of our Channel 2 producers agreed... The scammer told him by email that he and his family are relocating to Houston... And they need a dog sitter for their dog.

Then he sent a check via FedEx for $2,590. He asked our producer to keep $400 and send the rest to "dog utility suppliers" who would be helping with the dog's move.

This is the same scam we've heard about hundreds of times before. That check is fake. If our producer had deposited it, it would have bounced, but not before he sent the rest of the cash to the supposed "dog utility suppliers." 

Doing all of your transactions within the app does help provide more security to make sure you don't get swindled.