Where to get $5 jewelry that looks like a million bucks

HOUSTON – Everybody loves bling, but you don't want to fork out big bucks for fashion jewelry.

Maybe you've seen the ads on Facebook for $5 jewelry, but you want to see it in person before you buy. Consumer expert Amy Davis went to Mt. Belvieu near Baytown to check it out for you.

It's where Connie Guerrero has decked out an entire room in her home filled with some 3,500 pieces of jewelry from colorful beads and tassels to dangling crystals and classic pearls.

The room is like a mini Charming Charlie with one big difference - everything is just $5.

"You can't beat $5," Guerrero told Davis. "And it is nickel- and lead-free, and that is very important to our consumers."

Guerrero's customers can catch her and her jewelry on Facebook, where she goes live three nights a week at Paparazzi Bling by Connie.

You can buy from Guerrero on Facebook or in her online store $5 Bling by Connie, where she has about 900 pieces posted.

"I order almost every single day, so I'm getting new things in Monday through Friday," Guerrero said.

She orders from Paparazzi, a direct sales company. Connie is one of 300,000 consultants in the U.S. Unlike other multi-level marketing companies, you don't have to buy a membership or pay a fee to shop.

"If you see an item you want, make sure you grab it because it may not be there tomorrow," Guerrero told Davis.

Guerrero said that's because Paparazzi doesn't usually make the same designs twice. Once a style sells out, they're gone. 

Shipping costs between $3 and $6, depending on how much you order. You pay through Paypal.

Guerrero also likes to style her customers. 

"You can contact me if you have a special outfit. My customers will say 'Hey, I need something to match this shirt and we match it right up.'" Guerrero explained. 

Picking her own favorite piece is more challenging because Guerrero loves so many of them. But at $5 a pop, you don't have to choose just one or two.

And if something breaks, it's not the end of the world. It was only $5.