As seen on TV Tuesday: Consumer expert Amy Davis puts Paw Perfect to the test

HOUSTON – If you have a dog, you know trimming their nails can be tough. They wiggle and squirm, and one wrong move and you can cut their nail to the quick.

Now, an As Seen on TV product claims it will trim your dog's nails gently and pain-free. Consumer expert Amy Davis is trying out Paw Perfect for As Seen on TV Tuesday. 

Paw Perfect is a battery-operated nail file that claims to be easier to use than regular trimmers. In Davis' house, her husband is the king of the clippers when it comes to the kids' nails. But he takes their new puppy, Scout to get her nails trimmed at the vet.

Davis asked him to try Paw Perfect. The device takes 3 AA batteries. It comes with three replacement rollers or files. Joel Eisenbaum put his own nail to the file to see if it actually works. and it did take off a little piece. He attached the safety guard before he tried Paw Perfect on Scout. She seemed fine with it, letting Eisenbaum file each nail while she rested her chin on his arm.  

There are three nail sizes in the guard that should fit any size dog. Paw Perfect files the nails so fast that it gives off a kind of burning smell. Most of the shavings get trapped inside the safety guard. 

Joel got one paw completed in just a few minutes; but when he tried Scout's second paw, she was too squirmy. Paw Perfect's instructions recommend that you let your dog get familiar with the sound of the device and even reward them with treats, in the beginning, each time you file a nail.  

We bought Paw Perfect for $19.88 at Walmart. It can cost $15 and up at most vets to trim your dog's nails just once; so if you can get your dog used to the device, it is worth the money.