Summer closet reboot: DIY jewelry storage

HOUSTON – No outfit is complete without jewelry and accessories; but all of those baubles can be difficult to store in a way that you can see what you've got and get to the pieces when you want to wear them. 

Every week, Misty Ann invites everyone into her closet on her YouTube channel she calls "Closet Reboot."

She calls the segments "Sunday Night Wardrobe Planning" where friends and stylists help her plan out her clothing for the week.. 

"I definitely don't have that panicky feel," Ann said. "I have more time in the morning. I can be a lot more relaxed."

Something else that has helped her fashion zen is organizing her jewelry in a fun way that makes it easy to see what she's working with.  

"This is my mother's old china. This was my grandmother's china; and this was my great grandmother's," she shows consumer expert Amy Davis. 

The tea cups tucked inside a drawer hold all of her bracelets coordinated by color. She hangs earrings with a hook over the sides of the cups.  
Her necklaces are hanging from push pins on a simple bulletin board. 

We found bloggers sharing their organization hacks. On The Pink Hammer, the writer transformed an old cheese grater into an earring holder. Another used old glass soda bottles to hold bracelets.

Used creatively, shower curtain hooks can hold necklaces, handbags, belts and scarves.  

Or you can use free paint sticks from the hardware store and cup hooks to display your entire jewelry collection.

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