As Seen On TV Tuesday: Is The Simple Scrub really that simple?

Soap scum, mildew and hard water build-up... it all sticks to your bath tub shower. And scrubbing it off is hard work. 

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A local Houston man has invented a product that he says will make the job simple. It's called The Simple Scrub

The product almost looks like a Swiffer, but the handle is more durable with a slight bend in it. Creator Billy Manovich came up with the idea when he noticed his own grandmother struggling with the chore of cleaning her bathtub. 

"I walk into my grandparents house and I go into the bathroom, and my little 80-something year-old grandma has a washcloth under each one of her feet and a house broom scrubbing the scum lines. Looked like she was doing a little twister dance," Manovich said. "I said 'What the heck are you doing?' She said 'Billy when I get down, I can't get back up again.'"

Manovich named his company that makes The Simple Scrub MGI Solutions. It stands for my grandma's idea.   

We took the tool to Tess Eugenio's Cypress home to see if it would help her and her daughters around the hous.e 

"Hands and knees, bending over. Stretching up," Eugenio described the difficulty of scrubbing the tub and shower.  "It requires a lot of physical activity." 

Her 17-year-old daughter Katie usually uses a hand-held sponge for the job. When she tried The Simple Scrub, she said the swivel head and ergonomic design of the handle made the chore much easier.   

"It looks like it cut the cleaning time in half," said Tess.  

The Simple Scrub is $28.95 plus shipping on www.TheSimpleScrub.com, but when you change out the cleaning pads, Manovich said you can also use it to clean tall windows and mirrors or even to clean the sides of your pool. 

Eugenio's 14-year-old daughter Ellie said that while The Simple Scrub is easier to maneuver than the pumice stone she usually uses to scrape calcium deposits off the tiles of the pool, it didn't work as well.

"You couldn't see where you were scrubbing," Ellie said. "And you had to bend over. Like it wasn't an option to just stand up straight." 

Despite that, the family said they'd buy The Simple Scrub just to use in the bathroom. 

"For anybody that has any sort of back issues, this would be a lifesaver in cleaning the bathtub and the shower,"  Tess said.  

You can also buy The Simple Scrub on Amazon or on HSN. Manovich said It is entirely made and assembled in Houston.