As Seen on TV Tuesday: Can MagicBax keep earrings in place on stretched lobes?

Do your earrings hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? It's a problem a lot of women have: stretched-out ear lobes that cause heavy earrings to hang. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing MagicBax. The makers claim the product props up and supports earrings to keep them where they are supposed to be on your ears. 

Some women get plastic surgery to tighten their earring holes. That can cost hundreds of dollars. Davis bought the MagicBax at Walmart for $19.88. Viewer Jennifer Grentz of Kingwood volunteered to try them out. Grentz has significantly pared down her earring collection to only lightweight, smaller earrings. 

"If they're too heavy," Grentz said. "It'll just hang and flip downwards instead of hanging straight." 

It's a common problem and the makers of MagicBax say they have the solution, describing the earring backs as "the must-have beauty breakthrough designed to instantly lift and support your earrings so they sit upright where they should."

Each package comes with two pair of backs, one silver and one gold. A big heart shape attaches to the back and presses against the back of your upper earlobe. We put one earring in Grentz's left ear, first with a regular earring back and then with a Magic Bax. We noticed an immediate difference.

"This one's a tight fit," Grentz said about the earring with the Magic Bax supporting it. 

The makers claim MagicBax work with any size earring and post, so we tried several. That's when we noticed that the bax are very pliable. While they fit tight and worked great the first and second time we used them, the third time we tried to put them on the same posts, the bax slid right off. The directions do say you may have to adjust the bax by pinching or squeezing them with your fingers or even with needlenose pliers.  After we did that, the Magic Bax worked well with a pair of chandelier earrings. But since the bax stretch out even while on the same posts, Grentz said she would always worry her earrings would fall out. 

"If it's gonna slide right off, you're not gonna notice that you lost your earring," she told Davis.  
For that reason, she gave the product a thumbs down. 

If you don't mind pinching or adjusting the bax to accommodate your earrings every time you put them on, you might like them. You just have to be careful that they don't loosen while you're wearing them or you could lose an earring.