As Seen on TV Tuesday: Testing the Fur Wizard

If you've got a fur baby at home, you probably also battle annoying pet hair on your clothes and furniture. This "As Seen on TV Tuesday," consumer expert Amy Davis is testing out the Hurricane Fur Wizard  that claims to clean up hair in half the time as other hair removers. The product is $19.99, and it's reusable so there's no need to buy refills every month. 


We asked owner of two hairy hounds, Kristi Reigle, to try it out. Bella is her toy Australian shepherd and Molly is a sheltie. No matter where they rest, you'll find traces of them all over Reigle's home. 

"When people come over, I hesitate. I'm always like 'Oh, don't sit there! There's dog hair,'" Reigle said.  

Hair balls collect in the corners on her stairs, on clothes, furniture and pillows.

"It's very hard to get that off," Reigle said. "I usually use my Shark vacuum. If I could find a product that would require me not to get out my vacuum, that would be wonderful." 

She was most intrigued by the self-cleaning base on the Fur Wizard when she saw the commercial. 

"When I vacuum I always have to pull the dog hair off of the tool that I'm using because it just collects and it's long hair," she said. 

Bella's hair was most visible on Reigle's black pants. We recreated part of the Fur Wizard commercial and asked Reigle to give her pant leg just one swipe. 

"It did pretty good," she said, looking at her clean pant leg. 

Then she used a tape roller. It took several passes to remove the same amount of hair from another area of her black pants.  

"And now I'm almost ready to have to peel the tape," she said. 

Next, Reigel tested the cleaning part of the base by simply sticking the wand into it and pulling it out. The hair on the Fur Wizard was completely gone when Reigle removed it from the base.

"It's very convenient. It's small. I didn't have to plug it in. I didn't have to peel it off," Reigle ticked off all of the things she liked about the product. "In my mind, it worked how they said it work."  

The one small hang up was that the hair seemed to get stuck in the base instead of falling out easily. 
"As long as the brush doesn't pick it back up when you're cleaning it, I don't have a problem with it being stuck in there for now," Reigle said. 

And she said she'd have no problem recommending the Fur Wizard to other fur baby parents.