As Seen on TV Tuesday: Testing the Purrfect Pouch

Fabric cat carrier puts cat in the bag to calm, comfort

HOUSTON – If you've got cats, you  know it's a struggle to get them to sit still. Forget about trimming their nails or giving them medicine. A new As Seen on TV product promises to make those tasks easy. 
Consumer expert Amy Davis asked viewer Lori Garcia to try the Purrfect Pouch with her 4-year-old calico named Ginger. 

The pouch is a fabric carrier that is water resistant and thick, so it won't rip from your cat's claws. The makers say you can hold your cat, keeping them calm and comfortable, making it easy to travel with even the biggest scaredy cats. 

"She's a pretty friendly cat, as long as she's not going to the vet," Garcia told us about Ginger. 
She said Ginger is also no fan of nail clippers or medicine droppers, which is why the Purrfect Pouch appealed to Garcia.  

"Just gather the material and slide the collar over kitty. Then zip closed," says the announcer in the commercial for the product. "Purrfect Pouch instantly creates a safe haven, keeping kitty calm and comfortable."  

Apparently, no one showed the commercial to Ginger as the Purrfect Pouch did not have the same calming effect as it did on the cats in the commercial. Ginger shrugged off the pouch and ran away on the first attempt. 

Garcia enlisted help for a second take; but even with two people, they couldn't get the pouch over the cat's head. On the third try, despite Ginger's wrestling, struggling and crying, Garcia eventually got her into the bag. As she walked around carrying Ginger in the Purrfect Pouch, Ginger was somewhat relaxed, but her owner didn't think she was comfortable. 

"It feels fine on the shoulder, but what I'm noticing is she's feeling really hot," Garcia said.

Ginger was so warm inside the sack, Garcia thinks a whole road trip, like the commercial shows, would be too much. 
Once Garcia pulled a paw out of the cut out holes, she did manage to trim Ginger's nails. 

"I know! You're doing so good!" she praised Ginger. 

But even the small success wasn't even to convince Garcia that the pouch is perfect. 

"The hassle to get her in the bag isn't worth it," she said.  "I would rather just take her to a groomer." 
If Ginger could talk, she would likely agree, letting a cat out of the bag may be the better decision. 

"I think the idea seemed good, but realistically, putting a cat in the bag... that just didn't work out well at all," Garcia said.  

The Purrfect Pouch is normally $29.95. On the company's website, you can get 2 for $19.99.