As Seen on TV Tuesday: Airbrush Magic Pens

Stickers, markers, glue sticks and glitter: If you've got kids, you've probably got a stash of art supplies in your home for those rainy days, hot days, or just any day to keep your children entertained.

Consumer expert Amy Davis is trying something new: Airbrush Magic Pens.

You might think airbrushing and small kids seem like a bad combination, but the pens are powered by your mouth. If your children are blowing in them, they can't talk. That really is magic!   
For five bucks, the set comes with 10 airbrush pens, stencils and a pen stand to hold everything. 

"Now anyone can turn artwork into airbrushed works of art," reads the pamphlet inside. 

There is some set-up required. Every marker must be prepped; and if you don't reverse the process to keep them covered after each use, they will dry out. Once they're ready, you just blow.
Airbrush Magic Pens say they are for kids 8-years-old and up, but Davis' 6-year-old son had no problems using them. Her 3-year-old even had some success.  Out of the ten pens only one, the yellow, was a dud.

There are plenty of stencils to use and re-use. And when we took the pens out a second time a couple of weeks later, they still worked.

"What do you think about the Airbrush Magic Pens?" Davis asked her son, Jack.
"I like them," he answered.

We give Airbrush Magic Pens a thumbs up because they're $5, you get multiple uses out of them and they keep small children occupied for at least a few minutes.