As Seen on TV Tuesday: Yoshi Copper Grill Mat

Hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken: pick your favorite and fire up the grill. Cooking is the fun part; it's the cleanup that's a pain.   

Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing a product whose manufacturers claim you'll never need a grill brush again.

The makers of the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat claim that it tackles all the bad things about grilling and makesit easy: the flare-ups, messy clean-up and food that doesn't cook evenly.

Channel 2 promotions producer Eric Greene wanted to test the mat after he saw the commercial.

The box claims it reduces flare-ups from excess juice and grease that fall into the fire and the copper mat is said to cook your food more evenly.

Greene made cheeseburgers on his grill.  When the grease slid off the mat, it did cause some flare ups, but overall Greene thought his burgers cooked just right.

The melted cheese didn't slide off the mat as in the commercial, but Greene easily pushed it with his spatula. 

Greene cleaned the mat in his kitchen sink, then used it inside on his electric grill.  His chicken, sausage and vegetables had grill marks as promised.

The easy cleanup earned a thumbs up from Greene.

"It cleans up fairly easy and the food tasted great," said Greene. 

Davis bought the Yoshi Grill Mat at Target for $10. It comes with 2 reusable mats, and you can wash them in the dishwasher.