As Seen on TV Tuesday: Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Cleaning is the one chore everyone has to do and no one really likes it. That's why it's an easy sell when a product claims to make any cleaning job faster and less difficult.

When viewer Cyndi Johns emailed consumer expert Amy Davis and asked her to test the Hurricane Spin Scrubber,  Amy sent her the product to try it herself.
"As you can see the oven window is always dirty," Johns said, showing our camera the baked-on food and grease. 

The product's commercial claims you don't need harsh chemicals for any job, so Cyndi sprayed a water-vinegar-Dawn mixture on her door and started scrubbing. While it did remove some grease, even with a tougher all-purpose chemical cleaner, Cyndi's results looked nothing like those from the commercial. Undeterred, she took the spin scrubber to her bathroom.

"The infomercial states that all this dirt and grime in the grout will become shiny and as its original installation," Cyndi said, showing our camera a small amount of tough soap scum in the grout lines of the tile in her shower. 

Cyndi's grime is nowhere near as thick as the stuff in the commercial; and the spin scrubber appears to wipe that mess away in seconds. Cyndi sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles on the grout lines first and then used the product.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber clearly makes scrubbing easier with no bending, kneeling or straining.

"It was nice to have that do the power for me, but I don't see the result that was promised on the commercial," Cyndi said after seeing the results in her shower. She expected more sparkle and shine as advertised. 
For the lackluster results, she said she can't justify the price tag.

"$40 is way too much for this product," said Cyndi.