As Seen On TV Tuesday: Baseboard Buddy

The commercials for the Baseboard Buddy seem to catch a lot of people's attention, because four viewers asked consumer expert Amy Davis to test the product recently. The "As Seen on TV" product is promising it can make the back-breaking chore of dusting your baseboards easier.

"I don't clean my baseboards as often as I need to," confessed Missouri City homeowner Billye Moutra. "Only because it's such a hard thing to do."    

It's why the Baseboard Buddy commercial spoke to Moutra's dusty baseboards and sore knees.

"Forget bending over. With Baseboard Buddy, you don't even need to lean to get baseboards clean," claims the announcer in the TV advertisement.

"This product looked like something that I could absolutely use in my house," Moutra said. "I mean, to be able to clean my baseboards without having to get down, I said 'Now that's something that I think I could really use.'"

Moutra opened the box, assembled the Baseboard Buddy in seconds. and got to work. Think of it as a Swiffer for your baseboards and crown molding. The pads on the product are what seem to make it work. The fluffy cloths attach to the wand with Velcro and they squish right into the grooves of your baseboards. For spills or stains, you can wet the pads or spray cleaner on them. Even without that, Moutra liked the results.

"I didn't use the wet part, but it looked like they were freshly dusted," Moutra said.

The Baseboard Buddy cost us $24.99 on Amazon. It comes with 3 reuseable pads. Moutra says she'd pay that price all day long.

"This is an amazing product," she said. "I wish I had thought of it."

One problem with the Baseboard Buddy is that it appears the only place to buy the replacement pads is from the Baseboard Buddy website. You can only add them on to your order of the actual Baseboard Buddy. Ten extra pads cost $14.99; but you have to pay $19.99 for the Baseboard Buddy. It makes it impossible to buy the pads separately once you already own the product.