As Seen on TV Tuesday: The Claw

If your kids beg you for 50 cents every time you pass one of those toy grabber claw machines, they will love the product we're testing for this As Seen on TV Tuesday. Consumer expert Amy Davis wrapped it up for her kids for Christmas to find out if it's a hit or a miss.

The Claw is a miniature version of the big machines you see in grocery stores and bowling alleys. Just fill it with your favorite treats or small toys and let your kids try their hand at winning. Davis found The Claw at CVS for $19.99. They are also listed online at Toys R Us and Amazon.  It comes with fake coins; but you have to fill it with candy or toys and add batteries. The controls are fairly easy to manipulate, but The Claw is somewhat underpowered. Make sure you don't load it with heavy candy or toys.

You get just a few seconds to grab something or you lose. But when you own your own claw, you can just try again and again and again.
Davis said the only downside of the game is the loud music it plays. There isn't an option to turn it off or even lower the volume while you're playing.