Four Apps to Help You Save & Earn Money

HOUSTON – When it comes to digital bargain hunting, mom and blogger Kasey Trenum says the free Ebates app is her favorite. You get cash back at any of 1700 stores as long as you start your shopping through the app or website.

"So, for example, if I wanted to shop at Target," Trenum explained. "I would type in Target once I was on the app; and it would create a tracking ticket and then I would order from Target just as I normally would... but I would earn a percentage cash back of my total purchase."

Ebates says stores pay them a sales commission for sending shoppers their way; and Ebates uses part of that to pay you cash back. Users generally get 1 to 10% back, but that number can go up to 50% closer to the holidays.

"And then every 3 months, I get a check in the mail," Trenum said.

You can also opt for a Paypal deposit on Ebates.

For in-store shopping, Groupon's "Snap" app, offers cash back for specific items. Just look for products you normally purchase on its site, then scan your receipt when you buy them. The app sends you cash back. The Ibotta app works the same way.

The Favado app saves you from ever having to scour the weekly sales circulars again. It compiles all of the sales information at local grocery stores.

"You can add coupons to it," said Trenum. "It shows the coupons that are available with the sale items, but just by shopping sales you're going to save money."

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