The Eyes of Texas podcast, episode 2: Two Big Cats in a Cat 2 Storm

Episode 2, Season 1

BOLIVAR, Texas – When a powerful hurricane churned toward the Texas coast, Michael Kujawa had to think quickly. 

Hurricane Ike was coming and he couldn't get off of Bolivar Peninsula in time.  

The only road out was impassable. The ferry was shutdown. He was left trying to figure out how to keep himself and his two big cats safe. 


He loaded up Shackle, his pet lioness, in the back of his truck. His tiger refused to go. This episode of "The Eyes of Texas" podcast tells the tall but true tale of what happened when Michael, his lion, and his tiger faced the might of Hurricane Ike.

PHOTOS: Michael Kujawa and Shackle the lion


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More about Episode 2 of Season 1:

Zippy the Tiger spent the remaining years of her life in North Texas, living at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. The facility opened in 1988, with “residents” including bobcats, cougars, lions, bears, and tigers. Its mission is to care for the animals housed there, as well as educate the public about their needs. Click here for more information on the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary.