A sticky situation: BMW stuck in wet concrete

Driver tried to avoid crash, goes into wet concrete

Lithonia, Ga. – A Georgia driver tried to avoid an accident but ended up in another bad situation: wet concrete.

Elysia Morris was driving her BMW in DeKalb County when she saw a truck driving toward her, she said. Morris said the driver kept driving toward her while honking the horn, so she veered to the left. Her car ended up in fresh, wet concrete.

Morris said she called police, who called DeKalb County officials, who called a tow truck. But Morris was told that her car couldn't be towed unless she signed a waiver saying DeKalb County wouldn't be responsible for damages. Morris' attorney told her not to sign anything.

Eventually, workers used a jack hammer to remove the entire block of concrete, including the car, and loaded it onto a flatbed truck.