The dog days are biting...

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According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the dog days of summer started July 3 and end Aug. 11, but tell that to whomever will listen! The Dog Star, Sirius, shows up around sunrise now, and in ancient times, they believed that the very bright Sirius star along with the sun worked together to make summers so hot!

Regardless, today already has a heat advisory for northern counties and count on one everywhere as the week wears on and we approach another round of triple-digit days!

Heat Advisory

Keeping up with three other very hot summers -- 1980, 1998 and 2011 -- here is where we now rank with days of 100 or higher:

100 or higher

Last Friday’s clouds and rain brought our high down to 95°, so our average for high temps also came down a tad, but so far we’re running in second place and we are on track to see not only the hottest July ever but the most 100-degree days in this month!

Average High Temp

Speaking of least we had a bit last week:

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While January got our rain total to double the average, since then it’s been hard to find. In May, we had a few stormy days, but the summer has been brutal.

Rainfall at BUSH/IAH

Hang on...we have a “ruff” week ahead of us and we still aren’t to August!


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