June skies have a nice surprise!

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You don’t hear much about daytime meteor showers. After all, it’s going to be hard to see a lot of shooting stars with a bright sun competing for attention! However, these first two weeks of June the most active of all daytime meteor showers, the Arietids, shows up in the eastern sky and, as you might expect, the best time to catch one is right before the sun actually shows up! EarthSky has this advice for possibly seeing as many as 60 meteors per hour: you might catch an Arietid in the last dark hour before dawn, any time during the first and second weeks of June. And, in 2022, the shower’s peak comes on June 7. That means tomorrow morning! Here is their full article on the Arietids.

Speaking of mornings, several of the planets make early appearances this month starting June 10. Here’s the lineup:

Look East and Southeast for the planets in the morning hours before sunrise

Our Full Strawberry Moon takes the stage the night of June 13 (actually becoming full in the morning hours the next day). This one is a supermoon, meaning it’s closer to the Earth than normal, so should be pretty spectacular. Especially, since we are looking for clear skies all through the week. In fact, that is a bit of the downside as stubborn high pressure is setting up to control our weather. Lots of HOT sunshine:

High Pressure is in control this week

Take a look at the 10-day forecast and you’ll see some triple-digits by the weekend.

Hot week ahead!

Our hottest week so far this year is upon so. Do what you can to stay cool, hydrated and safe! Here’s Levi’s approach:

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