What a sky!

from MelC on click2pins.com

Hopefully you enjoyed that beautiful full “pink” moon over the weekend and while it’s named for the pink ground phlox flower, today’s cover picture shows a bit of a pink moon! Same chip chart anyway.

And the next couple of mornings we’ll see a daytime moon! The moon rises at 10:17pm tonight but doesn’t set until 8:54am tomorrow. Tuesday night the moon rises at 11:28pm and sets at 9:46am. So both tomorrow and Wednesday morning should have nice morning moons in a waning gibbous phase for you. There is more here on our daytime moon!

If you’re up before sunrise, now is the time to see four planets--Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn--all across the morning sky. Look east an hour before the sun comes up!

courtesy EarthSky.org

And now that we have reached mid-month, evening sky gazers can get a look at Mercury in the western sky.

courtesy EarthSky.org

And while planets make for some nice ‘star’ gazing, our sky on its own is usually enough to be spectacular. Take a look at this fabulous shot from click2pins:

from Victor G on click2pins.com

Enjoy the week ahead!


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