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weather blogGhoul temperatures and vampire-roasting sunshine are on tap for this Halloween Weekend, no bones about it! This is a grave matter as Mother Nature isn’t always coffin up such nice weather for this holiday. Here are the monstrous extremes we’ve seen over the years:

No ghost of a chance for rain this weekend, but more often than not, we’re unearthing devil-like temps! Climate Central illustrates the spike in warmer temps over the years...go ahead, sink your teeth into this:

Scary, huh? Yesterday’s spirited breezes brought in enough dry air that a calmer, clear overnight will stake out widespread jacket weather. Werewolves will be in good shift-shape!

So get your mummy wraps ready and enjoy three sweets:

Witch brings me to those Astros Watch parties during the cool’ll need your cape and broom as the team tries to clean up in Atlanta!

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Bat’s all folks!

Frank (enstein)

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