Here’s when you’ll need your umbrella

March is National Umbrella Month
March is National Umbrella Month

I can’t believe I missed National Umbrella DAY on February 10th (I was still on a sugar high from National Weatherperson’s Day on February 5th). So I sure don’t want to miss National Umbrella MONTH, which for some reason is March. Isn’t April the month for showers to bring May flowers? Nonetheless, here are some tips to celebrate the 4,000-year-old rain/sun protection device.

As timing would have it, umbrellas will come in handy starting tomorrow and be really in need Monday, which is March 1st! So the people who pick these National Months must know more than I do. Here is the current surface map, and you’ll notice that cold front across the state.

Current Surface Map from the Weather Prediction Center

That front is moving our way and hangs out here Thursday and Friday, then moves north Saturday and Sunday (perhaps a dry break for the weekend) and is back Monday. Here is Friday’s synoptic, followed by Monday and Tuesday (when the front finally clears the area). Monday looks to be the wettest (see the dark green color).

Friday Surface Map from the Weather Prediction Center
Monday's Synoptic Pattern from the Weather Prediction Center
Tuesday Surface Map from The Weather Prediction Center

All in all, the whole event Thursday through Monday keeps most of the heavy rain to our north.

Heaviest rain through Tuesday stays north of SE Texas

But as they say, keep that umbrella handy! And Happy Umbrella Month!


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