Storms hammer west Harris County flooding roads and snarling traffic

HOUSTON – A line of powerful storms Thursday morning flooded roads and sent creeks out of their banks in west Harris County.

Nearly ten cars were stalled or flooded at Greenhouse and Saums roads, but Martha Gomez still took the risk.

“I just seen something,” Gomez said. “I don’t know if it was an alligator or beaver, something roaming around, swimming and I’m like, ‘I’m scared.‘”

Brian Williams who was also headed to work made it through on his bike.

“I go through this every day for four years. (I) went through Harvey and Tax Day. I go through it all the time,” said Williams. “Usually the bike gets you better obviously, gets you through better than the cars do.”

As the sun came up, Harris County high-water trucks rescued a couple of people.

“Every time it rains, we have this,” said resident Brandon McGee. “If you have a low car, don’t risk it.”

Nearby South Mayde Creek was out of its banks, flooding the Westlake Village neighborhood.

“It’s scary back there,” said resident Rany Sportell. .”They just got through resurfacing everything back there and of course it’s just flooding again,” said Resident Randy Sportell.

Sportell’s home is closest to South Mayde Creek.

“It didn’t come in the house so I’m happy, but I’m still worried,” Sportell said. “It’s not over yet and every time hurricane season comes now, I’m nervous.”

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