Send in the clouds

This gift could save your Valentine’s Day

This Months' Cloud Picture
This Months' Cloud Picture

Did you forget the card or flowers? Need a quick fix? Or just want to really improve the life of a friend or loved one? I’m here to help! This is the perfect gift (yes, you can keep it yourself).

Last October, I spoke to the Brenham Life Learning senior group and they gifted me with membership in the Cloud Appreciation Society (I am member 48,174!). Based in the UK, this site simply unites those of us who love clouds and occasionally a little science. EVERY DAY you’ll get a cloud pic in your email box, or perhaps a little cloud science, or a nice cloud quote. A super way to start the day and not full of links or sales pitches. Just clouds, like this one:

Lenticular Clouds are fair weather clouds

My viewers often send clouds to our Click2pins site and some of the most dramatic are roll clouds like this one from the Cloud Appreciation Society:

Roll Cloud looks like a blimp!

And here’s one of my favorites -- a little stratus at sunset:

I love Sunsets!

And your membership (or your loved one’s) is not just fabulous pictures! When you join the Cloud Appreciation Society, they’ll send you a handy, dandy membership kit with your Cloud Certificate, a Cloud Badge and even a Cloud Identifier tool! You’ll feel like a kid again, filled with the wonder of the sky!

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