Is a Warm Christmas the Houston Normal?

Christmas Cookie Warm This Year!

Santa Ready!
Santa Ready!

Houston, TX – Like most folks, we enjoy Christmas Eve and Day with family and friends and I’ve noticed that more and more we celebrate outside, especially over the past few years! And this year will be no exception as I’m forecasting highs in the low 70s on Christmas Day. This got me thinking to look back at the Christmas Day data this century (sounds like a lot, but only 20 years!).

Sure enough, most years have been at least comfortable with highs in the 50s or 60s. The “coldest” high temp was 46F in 2010. If you’ve kept up with the warming world, you know the last few years have been globally the warmest on record so it’s no surprise that the warmest Christmas Days have been recently:

Christmas Cookie Warm!
Christmas Cookie Warm!

Those Lows above are for those same years. The fact is, the COLDEST on Christmas officially at BUSH Airport since 2000 is 32F and we dropped there three times: 2002, 2004, and 2009.

And who could forget 2004? Arctic air swept in just before Christmas and all it took was moisture to mix in to produce 1″ to 13″ of snow across Southeast Texas! Houston had the least, Galveston had 4″ and Victoria had 13″! Christmas Eve the snow began and blanketed the area that evening.

This picture is from my friend, Alice Melott, of her dogs on the beach in Galveston Christmas morning 2004:

Snow Dogs
Snow Dogs

The National Weather Service Account of the event is well-documented with lots of meteorological data and pictures right here.

So while we continue to have exceptional weather, the facts bear out that Santa driving his convertible sleigh around Houston makes perfect sense. We’re warmer and likely to stay that way!

I hope you have an exceptional Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or time to relax!


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