Will Santa be using the A/C in his sleigh for Christmas this week?

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HOUSTON – Given how up and down the weather is during the month of December in Texas, Christmas weather can be a toss up. So here’s what is possible for this week as we wait for Kris Kringle

We’re on a nice warming trend as we officially kick off Christmas week tomorrow. Warmer air will be moving in from the southwest so while it should keep Christmas morning temperatures in the low 50s, highs will be topping out in the low to mid 70s for just about everyone Christmas Day. So have that shiny new jacket or sweater from Santa handy in the morning, you’ll be comfy in those new candy cane shorts you got for the afternoon! The best news is rain chances will be zero so Scrooge won’t be able to “bah-humbug” the forecast!

Since it is still a few days out, there will likely be adjustments as new weather model information comes in each day. So make sure you check back often to see what the latest forecast is from the weather elves!

Christmas Forecast
Christmas Forecast

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