Should you wrap your pipes?


HOUSTON – As Texas braces for its first real taste of winter this week with anticipated morning temperatures at or below 32 degrees, we've gotten some questions about what is and is not in danger of freezing over the next couple of nights. 

Here's how we'll break it down: 


Make sure to leave a blanket or cover for outside pets. Also, if they have an outdoor shelter, cover it with a blanket or move it against a wall to shield it against the wind, as north winds will be at 20 to 25 mph, making it feel more like the 20s through the night. 


While we're not expecting hard freeze conditions (which is two hours of 24 degrees or colder), we could see up to four to five hours of temperatures at or below freezing early Wednesday morning. Plants that are sensitive to cold air should be covered or brought inside overnight 


This "P" should be fine for this upcoming arctic blast. To freeze the water in your outdoor pipes,  temperatures would need to drop into the low 20s and hold there for a number of hours to cause the pipes to burst. 

Regardless of how low we go over the next two nights, prepare this afternoon, and of course, don't forget the fourth "P"- people! Check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are prepared for this early jump to winter. 


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