Ho-Hum: HOt and HUMid!


The chart above illustrates record highs outpacing record lows in Houston.

You probably heard last month was the hottest July on record for the globe. Our temps didn't do so badly, but we've made up for it this month: upper 90s since August 7th with August 8-14th running from 101 to 103 every day!

Unfortunately, that has come, officially, with just .18" of rain this month, less than a quarter-inch!  A deficit of 1.78" below the normal. July came in an inch below normal so we're definitely running behind and need some rain.

In fact, the drought monitor from last week shows, for the first time this year, abnormally dry for parts of Southeast Texas which I've circled in red:


Last week the models hinted at something tropical in the Gulf -- a good bit of moisture, if nothing else -- but they've backed off on that this morning and the rain forecast through the end of the week looks meager: below an inch for us, if that. 


This depicts a lot of rain toward New Orleans, but that doesn't help us! We'll continue to monitor.

Right now, the tropics through Labor Day look quiet! The Pacific keeps firing up, but not the Atlantic. That can always change quickly so stay on guard!


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