Heat that has baked Houston is spreading across the country

HOUSTON – The heat wave that has baked the Houston region for the past several days will be spreading across much of the country this weekend.

Be ready for another sizzler Thursday afternoon with many spots sitting in the mid-90s. It's very humid, so it'll feel more like the low 100s.

We are not under a heat advisory as of Thursday morning, but it will still be very close to dangerous heat levels by the afternoon. Be prepared to take precautions in the midday heat.

A few afternoon pop-up thunderstorms are possible, but most places won't see any rain.

More of the same for the rest of the week -- mid-90s, feeling like 100+ and rain chances jump up slightly into the 20-30% range.

National heat wave


Across the country, a major heat wave is about to break out. Many areas from the Midwest to the East Coast could see temperatures approaching 100 degrees by the weekend. With the heat index, it may feel upward of 110 degrees at times.

While Houstonians are used to this type of July heat, some areas, especially in sections of New England are not used to temperatures spiking in the triple digits.

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