Wednesday Tropics and Thursday Fireworks!


Houston, Texas – Did you see Hurricane Barbara last night crank up to a 155mph hurricane!!


From last night, a 155mph hurricane!

A strong Cat 4, the storm is already weakening a bit today and will continue to lose strength over the weekend as it moves over cooler water. Good thing, too, since it's heading to Hawaii and should only increase surf for them as it falls to depression level next week. And there is another storm getting ready to go right behind it!


Another Pacific storm forming south of Mexico marked by the yellow X

Fortunately, the Atlantic Basin remains quiet.


Tranquil Tropics the next 48 hours and through the next 5 days

Saharan Dust continues to keep dry air in place which is a help and the wind shear remains strong over the Caribbean.


Saharan Dust continues to dry out the Atlantic Basin

Interestingly, the long term American Model (FV3-GFS) brings cold fronts either very close to us or even through the area. The reason is that the Bermuda High, which would ordinarily direct those fronts north, is weak right now and the Azores High is in control, meaning that the High is much farther to our East across the Atlantic and that allows the fronts to move more south.


An example from next week of the Azores High well east and a front moving through the country!

We'll see. Bottom line is the Atlantic doesn't show any tropical activity popping up over the next two weeks.

July 4th is about to POP and and that's always pressure on the weatherfolks to get the forecast spot on (which we were last year, but unfortunately it was for flooding rains!). This year, any quick summer showers will be gone by early evening and the nighttime displays will be in great shape. Have a safe holiday weekend!



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