Frank's Weather or Not: Watching the Tropics and Feeling the Heat!


Houston, TX – Triple digit "Feels Like" temperatures today and possibly tomorrow as our Sauna Summer sets in!



Much the same for tomorrow but then the break we get is from tropical moisture. The big question continues to be WILL Invest 91-L develop into a tropical depression or storm? The Recon flight yesterday was cancelled and so was today's. The system just isn't well organized, but nonetheless will provide Wednesday-Thursday moisture for southeast Texas. Right now, the GFS (American model) places the bulk of the rain over the Gulf and then into Louisiana and the Mississippi River Valley.


The red areas indicate 3-5" rain right along the Texas Coast and then East.

Tropical moisture estimates are just that and because warm air expands and tropical warm air really expands (thus the humidity!) we can often double the forecasted rain amounts. Some downpours of 6"+ are certainly possible. 

So this remains a wait and see situaton. I don't see how we won't get some healthy rains out of this mess so stay weather aware for sure. We might get lucky and see the heaviest rains over the gulf, but that's no guarantee. 

Then we are back to HOT and HUMID this weekend, especially if those soaking rains show up mid week:



Notice this Saturday---the Hurricane Expo at the GRB is FREE to the public from 10am to 3pm and I hope to see you there! Lots of great information to get you and your family prepared for what is now in place: The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season!




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