Frank's Weather or Not: Speaking, Singing and Storming


Houston, TX – Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, so what can we expect? 

I'll address that below, but first...

I'm having a ball speaking to different groups about the hurricane season and yesterday was in Cypress. A big shout out to whoever made Highway 290 so FABULOUS!! Finally, it's driveable in a good way!! They should continue those five lanes all the way to Austin!

Second, thanks to Stewart Title and Tammy Barna for having me and letting me sell my book, too!


Getting Realtors Hurricane Ready!

I'll be in Lake Jackson tomorrow and look forward to the drive--I love it down there!


Also, a shout out to Tex US TOO for having me speak last Monday night to their group which is dedicated to support and education for Prostate Cancer. I had a lot to say! Prostate Cancer is a complex disease for both those fighting it and their supporters, so education is a must. As we say at NBC, The More You Know!


Tex US TOO has 2nd Monday monthly meetings at St. Luke's on Westheimer

Their big fundraiser is Our Dad's Day Run/Walk on June 15th. This will be their 20th annual event, and they are shooting for over 1000 participants again! Just check out their website for details!


Drum roll please........my Apologies!! I heard a fantastic cover band at last Saturday night's wedding and tried to brag on them in my blog Monday. Of course, I screwed up their name!! They are NICK AND THE HITS (I heard, Hicks, okay, and as an original Arkansas boy this made perfect sense to me!). 


Nick and The Hits can be booked through Gulf Coast Entertainment and they are super duper!

Again, sorry for the mis-hear and while we are at it, check this place out, as I have.....the one in Bellaire! Just ask for Brad. Or was it Chad? Or Tad?


Finally, storms for Saturday. The Big Question is how far south the storms will get and right now we seem to be at the tail end of them, so the farther north you are from Houston, the more severe threat you face (large hail, possible tornadoes). The risk area for FRIDAY is in West Texas.


Enhanced Storm Risk (the dark orange) in West Texas Friday

SPC also goes out to days 4-8 at this link here and you can see we are in the tail end of a 15% risk for severe weather on Saturday:


Saturday's Severe Weather Risk

Models are not close in just yet, so we are broad-brushed for rain over the area:


Saturday Evening


Overnight Saturday into Sunday Morning


Rain amounts are light but we could see 2" Downpours.

We'll monitor this closely for the weekend. Until then just scattered sea breeze showers and then next week the HEAT IS ON!! Get ready for summer. Our forecast is here!



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