Frank's Weather or Not: When the Moon Hits Your Eye....


Houston, TX – We got Jackie and Patrick married last Saturday night come hail or high water! The sun actually peeked out just in time after a wet day and nothing stopped a memorable and fabulous event. The photo above from left to right is Patrick, me, Kevin, Jackie and her dad, Steven. So, you might want an explanation of just where THIS came from:


Heart and Soul

Kevin's birthday is Groundhog Day and a couple of years ago on his 50th, friends gave him this suit to wear a couple of weeks later on Valentines Day! So while it usually hangs in the closet he brought it with him to The Houstonian and when the really fun part of the reception began (dancing with "Nick and the Hits") he snuck up to the room and changed! He was quite the hit and how perfect for a loving wedding!


Nick of "Nick and the Hits" represented by Gulf Coast Entertainment


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Amore! So how about watching this month's Full BLUE Moon rise over ROME!


You can watch the May 18th moon rise over Rome on Virtual Telescope. Click here for info.

And, yes, I said BLUE moon although this is not the second Full Moon in one month, which is the usual definition of a blue moon. This falls in another category: the Third of Four Full moons in a season! Since each season lasts three months and you ordinarily get one full moon per month. But sometimes you get four and then the third is known as a Blue Moon for the season. Read more about this from EarthSky

And speaking fo the sky, yes, that red dot you're seeing up there is Mars!


Finally, a huge shout out to CanCare for having me as keynote speaker for their annual luncheon last week. Dominique emceed and we had a wonderful time.


CanCare's motto is simple: No One sure endure Cancer Alone! Ann Shaw Turnage founded CanCare in 1990 with a gift from Memorial Presbyterian. A colon cancer survivor, and still with us today, her mission for the group is this: CanCare has an ever-deepening legacy of being there for individuals, caregivers, employers and faith communities that want to provide customized, confidential support to anyone impacted directly or indirectly by cancer.

The luncheon brought 600 people together to celebrate life and surviving! If you or anyone you know is facing a cancer diagnosis, please get in touch with CanCare!

Quiet weather week compared to last week so 



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