Frank's Weather or Not: A Mess, A Moon and A Marriage!


Houston, Texas – We've see the return of our May Mess this week, that's for sure, and part of the reason is the strong flow of Pacific moisture. I've talked about this before. We can thank, or not, El Nino. The latest is in and look at those orange colors in the Pacific---that's El Nino's warm waters!


In fact, the lastest analysis globally shows warmer than normal water in the Pacific with cooler water over the tropical Atlantic:


The upside is that El Nino creates wind that moves across Central America interrupting tropical storms, so while we have to put up with this heavy rain, the strong wind can be a saving grace. The latest El Nino forecast is also in....follow the red line. You'll see it's hanging around a while (anything over the 0 line is an El Nino):



Here's some good learnin' from Earth Sky regarding our current QUARTER moon which looks like this:


I know, you're thinking that is a HALF moon right? Well, no. The moon is a quarter into its cycle and so this is a quarter moon. The crescent or gibbous moons you see out there are just that, not quarters. In fact, from an astronomer's point of view there is no such term as "Half Moon"!  Look at it this way: the moon has two sides--the one you can see and the one you don't on the other side. So even our FULL moon that we see is really just HALF of the moon! I know, it's crazy confusing but fun to explore and the explainer is right here. Keep in mind, if you Google "half moon" the picture above is what you get!!!


I am over the moon about this weekend as I am honored to officiate Jaquie and Patrick's wedding tomorrow night! I've been an internet ordained minister for a few years and this is my second wedding to perform. The whole ceremony is going to be lovely and they are the cutest couple:


What was going to be outside at The Houstonian, has been moved inside, by the way. 

Stupid El Nino can't stop love!!

Have a safe weekend!



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