Frank's Weather or Not: More Storms, More Warmth, Another Full Moon

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Houston, TX – Another round of storms is on the way for us overnight tonight and it looks like Thursday morning's commute is going to be a mess, so plan for extra time!

Here's the latest model run for this front moving through:

FV3-GFS Model Run

Our Severe Weather threat is for heavy downpours, hail, strong winds and isolated tornadoes:

The highest threat looks to be north of us, but like last weekend we can still see a "piece" of this system as it moves across the area tomorrow. Stay Weather Aware!


In the interests of being Climate Aware, Earth Day is upon us next Monday and our friends at Climate Central put together a list of the fastest warming cities and states since the FIRST Earth Day back in 1970. Interesting to note that one of the fastest warming cities in the country is..........Houston.

And if you look to the fastest warming city you'll find none other than LAS VEGAS! Yet Alaska is the fastest warming state:

The full report is here and is fascinating. My warmest thanks to the folks at Climate Central and all their hard work to keep us informed!


This month's full moon happens FRIDAY and it will set the stage for a marvelous weekend. Passover and Easter both occur and the temperatures will be cool in the morning, mild in the afternoon and skies look sunnt! April's moon is called the Pink Moon after pink ground phlox, one of spring's first flowers.

The Full Pink Moon

The moon is full specifically at 6:12am Friday, but it will 'look' full Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!

With a clear sky forecast, we're in great shape!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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