Frank's Weather or Not: IBA and Other Worlds!


Tropical Trouble already!?! In the South Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil, YES! Tropical Storm IBA formed and is threatening the coast between Rio and Salvador with 39mph winds and 8' waves. Considering how rare tropical systems are there (the water is too cold and the upper air winds are too strong), a storm in what is their fall season is something to behold:



Here's a full explainer of IBA with some nice tidbits about South Atlantic Tropical Storms!


An interesting story here from EarthSky regarding life on other planets, or at least something out there. Are they watching us? Like we watch animals at a zoo? And, if so, they are smart enough to know that when different civilizations are introduced there can be big trouble and, therefore, they'll never say hello. Not even a text. Check out the story--it's a fun read!


Speaking of other worlds, I love it when wildflower season returns....those acres of color seem like they belong to another world! This one came down on Click2Pins from "WestURob"



Catch those pictures while you can get them! This weekend has a front in the forecast and while we're not looking for tons of rain it could get messy. Here's the current European forecast:



Have a wonderful week---Chamber of Commerce Weather returns to tomorrow through Friday!


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