Heavy rain leads to flooding in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas – Labor Day in Galveston usually means lots of people trying to enjoy the last beach day of the summer, but this year, the sun was nowhere to be found.

Heavy rain began early Monday, leading to flooding on many of the streets in the coastal city. 

“We’re headed home,” said Brian Carlson, who came to Galveston from San Antonio for the weekend.

VIDEO: Heavy rain leads to flooding in Galveston

Some streets were impassable because of the rising water.

“It was a little hairy getting out of the area, but I think once we get on the main roads, we’ll be fine,” Carlson said.

Another driver said 51st Street was flooded.

PHOTOS: Labor Day flooding in Galveston

On Broadway at 31st Street, drivers were not left with much wiggle room. Some of them turned around, saying it’s just not worth it to try to navigate the floodwaters.

“I actually (have) got class right now, but that’s not looking so likely,” said driver Utsive Nigam.

Forecasters have said the heavy rain will continue throughout the day. A flash flood watch was issued for the area until 7 p.m.

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